Virtual Filing Cabinet

Absolute Value

Solving Absolute Value Equations by Math=Love

Area and Perimeter

Area and Perimeter Questions by Robert Kaplinsky


Activity: The Olympics Athlete Track by Math is Fun

Going Round in Circles (circumference) by Divisible by 3

Visual Look at Area of a Circle by Math Train

Waffles (3-Act) by Dane Ehlert

Combining Like Terms

Combining Like Terms Foldable by Everybody is a Genius

Playing Uno – The combine like terms version by Middle School Math

Same and Transformed by Don Steward

Steps by Don Steward

Distributive Property

Equivalent Things by Don Steward

Six Expressions by Don Steward

Exit Tickets

Exit Ticket Templates by Math = Love


Exponent Rules Unit by Don’t Panic, The Answer is 42

Factoring Polynomials

Discovery Fosters Engagement in the Classroom with Factoring by ispeakmath

Function/Not a Function Open Middle Problem by Math = Love

Tying Factoring to Graphs by Math Dyal

First Day of School

Ice Breaker by Algebra’s Friend

Marshmallow Challenge

Handcuff Puzzle by the radical rational…


Fraction Busters with Video Hook by Opposite of a Negative

My Closest Neighbor by Sea of Math

Quarter the Cross by Math=Love

Version of My Closest Neighbor by Algebra’s Friend


Auction Function by Math=Love

Bouncing Tennis Balls Task by NCTM Illuminations

Fly Swatter Game by Math=Love

In-N-Out Burger by Ms Moore Math (from Robert Kaplinsky)

Is it Linear? by f(t)

Linear Functions ISN Pages by Math=Love

Linear Functions Unit by Engage NY

Proportional and Non-Proportional Situations

Quadratic Functions Unit by Mrs. Hester’s Classroom

Slope Activity by Lockport Schools


Compound Inequalities with a Foldable by Math=Love

Guest Post: An Inequality Story by Math=Love

Inequality Card Sort by Math=Love

Inequalities Foldable by i is a number

Linear Inequality Interactive Notebook Pages by Math=Love

Linear Inequalities by Math Dyal


123 Switch! (Adding/Subtracting Integers) by Sea of Math

How Much Did the Temperature Drop? by Robert Kaplinsky

Integer Battles with Two-Colored Counters by Ms. Moore Math

Integers (temperatures) by Andrew Stadel

Making Sense of Positive and Negatives by Nrich

Linear Equations

Barbie Bungee by

Who Wore it Best: Barbie Bungie by Dan Meyer

Order of Operations


Basketball Math on YouTube

Bed, Bath & Beyond Coupon by Robert Kaplinsky

Challenge Task by Live. Love. Math

Probability and Statistics

How Juries are Fooled by Statistics by

Words used in Probability by Bruce Ferrington

Statistics in Brief by Restructuring Algebra

Probability Carnival by Fast Times of a Middle School Math Teacher

Deal or No Deal

Pi Day

Free Hand Circle Drawing Contest by

Penning Pi-kus by Math=Love

Pi Chain by

Pi Day by Math=Love

Square Pi Puzzle by Math=Love


Building Height by

Barbie Proportions by I Speak Math

Proportional Reasoning Capture Recapture with Goldfish Activity (Algebra 1) by cheesemonkey wonders

Proportional Relationships Video by Planet Nutshell

Pythagorean Theorem

A Peak at My Pythagorean Theorem Unit by Equation Freak

Discovering the Pythagorean Theorem with cm Cubes by I Speak Math

How Can We Correct the Scarecrow? by Robert Kaplinksy

Pythagorean Theorem by Mrs. Hester’s Classroom

Pythagorean Theorem Part 2 by Mrs. Hester’s Classroom

Spending a Week with Pythagoras by Mrs. Gibbs Flips Algebra 1

Rates/Unit Rates

Exploring Rates in the Classroom by Educational Aspirations

Proportional Reasoning Activities on Seventh Grade Math wikispaces

Rational Expressions

If Simplifying Rational Expressions is Aspirin then How Do You Create the Headache by Dan Meyer

Scale Drawings

Floor Plan Your Classroom on

How Much Bigger Should They Make Zoolander’s School? by Robert Lapinsky


Coming out of a Funk while on a Slippery Slope by Mrs. Gibbs Flips Algebra 1

Socrative and Slope Intercept Form by Cathy Yenca

What would Slope Dude Say? by Sarah Hagan

Solving Equations

Algebra Balance Scales by National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Literal Equations, Number Magic, and Group Speed Dating by I Speak Math

Mobiles by Don Steward

Square Roots

Square Dance by Andrew Stadel

Surface Area

Discovering the Surface Area of a Cylinder by

Creating Tin Men to Explore Surface Area Project by I Speak Math

Introduction to Surface Area and  Volume

Hands on Surface Area of Prisms (Nets) by 7th Grade Math Teacher Extraordinaire

Three Acts – Pop Box Design by Timon Piccini

Toblerone Challenge by Teaching Ninja

Wrapping a Tissue Box Activity by Teaching in Room 6

Candies R Us by

Fun with a Sticky Activity by Divisible by 3

Systems of Equations

Acrobats, Grandmas, and Ivan by Marylyn Burns

All Tied Up in Knots by Algebra Lab

Systems of Equations by the Pam Wilson

The Candy Store Problems by Mary Bourassa

Translating Expressions

Translating Walk-about Activity by All Things Algebra


Triangle Inequality Theorem

Venn Diagram

Venn Menu by Cory Doctorow


Dandie Candies by Dan Meyer

Maximizing Box Volume with Popcorn by I Speak Math

Using marshmallows to introduce volume by Mathemagical Molly

Volume Song

Popcorn, Anyone? by

Deriving the Formula of Volume of a Sphere by

Deriving the Formula of Volume of a Cone

Skyscraper Puzzles by Math=Love

Volume of a Cone Discovery Lesson by I Speak Math

Limited Area, Maximum Space by Math Butler

Warm-up/DO NOW Ideas

Filing Cabinet of Warm Up Activities by Crazy Math Teacher Lady

Mindset Moments List by La Vie Mathematique

Word Problems

Story Time (algebraically speaking) by Cathy Yenca


Kuta Worksheets

Math Worksheets 4 Kids


Contrasting Cases

Estimation 180

Get the Math

Mr. Kraft’s Virtual Filing Cabinet

Illustrative Mathematics

K – 12 Tech Tools

MARS Professional Development Modules

Math Songs

Opus Math

Passy’s World of Mathematics

Hungry Teacher Lessons


Stella’s Stunners

Minds on Math Common Core Rich Tasks

Activities to do before Breaks

Hashiwokakero Puzzles at Nikoli

How Far Can You Climb by Math=Love

Index Card Challenge on YouTube

Find the Weights Problem from Problems with a Point


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