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Changing a Worksheet into a Group Activity

Getting students to stay engaged is always a challenge.  Sometimes they need to practice a specific concept, but giving out a worksheet is just plain boring.  While studying unit rates and best buy with my 7th graders, I had students work with a partner to create a poster using this worksheet.  Students doing column A were given yellow paper and students doing column B were given green paper.  Each student had to show long division for each problem.


After students finished their column, they got together with their partner to create a poster showing the best buy for each category.

IMG_1069       IMG_1067

Afterwards, we got together as a class and went over the correct answers.  At that time, we also talked about what makes a good poster.  Then, we voted for the poster with the best title and for the best poster overall.  Not a bad way to get students to do ten best buy problems! It took a little more time, but it was well worth it.