My Favorite Games

I love to play games!  I especially love classroom games that require little explanation, little prep work, games that can be used in a minutes notice, and games that can hold students’ attention.  Here are a few that fit the bill in my classroom.

1. Favorite Test Prep Review Game:  Before every test, my students always ask to play the “Whiteboard Game.”  I blogged about it here.  Students are willing and excited to do an entire class period worth of math problems on a mini whiteboard.  I guess they see it as a game rather than work.

2. Favorite Internet Game:  I haven’t had a class that didn’t like to play Spider Match when we are studying adding and subtracting integers.  I blogged about it here.

3. Favorite End of the Class Game:  If there is time left at the end of the period, I love to quickly make up a version of the Pyramid Game or Race to the Top.  I blogged about it here.

4.  Favorite Spiral Review Game:  This is a game that I like to play after we’ve learned several different concepts in a unit.  It requires a little prep for me, but once I make a version of it, I keep it for future use.  I create five different problems, where the answer to the first problem goes on the line of the second problem.  Each previous answer is used to solve the next question.

To begin, I have students write down questions 2 -5 on a scrap paper.  Since question #1 is missing, no one can start ahead of time.  When everyone is ready, I put up question #1.

When students finish the fifth problem, they come up to me and show me their answer.  I reply with “Yes” or “Try Again.”   To keep students motivated, I will give a dum dum to the first five students with the correct answers.  A lot of times I will extend the treat to anyone who can come up with the correct answers.

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