#Classroom Tour

Welcome to my classroom!  This year has been exciting because every classroom in our building got a makeover.


Not only was every classroom painted,  but we received new  student desks and chairs.  I like that the desks are flat.  They can be pushed together for group work or be put in rows for tests and quizzes.


Even the teachers each got a new desk and chair!  I love that my desk is magnetic so that I can put posters on the front and a basket of pencils on the side for students who forget to bring a writing utensil to class.


One of the walls was painted orange, while the other three walls are white.  On the orange wall, I have three bookshelves that hold all of the supplies that students might need for class, such as glue sticks, scissors, pencil sharpeners, colored pencils, markers, rulers, clipboards, lined paper, whiteboards, dry erase pens, and paper towels.  This keeps the class running smoothly since students do not need to keep asking me for supplies.  Students use the small middle bookshelf to store their chromebooks on if we aren’t using them during class.

This year I decided to use my back bulletin board as a resource wall.  The left side has all posters about fractions and the right side is dedicated to algebra concepts, such as absolute value, like terms, and factoring.  Above the bulletin board is a poster on order of operations.

Unfortunately that leaves little room for student work to be displayed.  Instead, I have had to tape it to the bottom of the bulletin board.


I split up the front of my white board using magnetic borders. I have three sections on the left side for my 7th grade classes and three sections on the right side of my board for my 8th grade classes.  Since I teach six different classes, I use that space to write in the homework and as a reminder to students who have missing work.


On either side of the front whiteboard are small bulletin boards.  I use the extra desks in front of those boards to put the handouts that we will need for the class that day.

And that it my classroom. I hope that you enjoyed the tour!


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