Favorite Math Task

What is my favorite math task?  That is a hard question!  I like anything and everything that gets students out of their seats, working in groups, and keeps them excited and engaged.  One such activity that has been incredibly successful with my 7th Grade Algebra and 8th Grade Algebra students this year is 21st Century Math Projects’ Whodunnit –  Order of Operation Skill Building Class Activity.  There are ten order of operation problems of increasing difficulty that I copied, laminated, and hung around my classroom.

On each card is the problem and four possible answers, along with clues to help solve the murder mystery.  As students complete each problem, they can check off the players, last known whereabouts, and methods on the Whodunnit worksheet. The one remaining in each column is the solution.

All of my students are thoroughly enjoying this activity (they haven’t finished yet).  The problems are challenging and they want to figure out the solution.  This is definitely a keeper!



3 thoughts on “Favorite Math Task

  1. Where can I find this in a 5th or 6th grade level?
    I love this idea and order of operations is something that they always need practice on.

    1. Did you check 21st Century Math Projects’ other items on teacherspayteacher.com? You could reach out to him to see if he would make a version for 5th and 6th grade level.

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