Emergency Sub Plans

I was very happy to see that this week’s topic was on emergency sub plans.  I have been wanting to update my folder for a long time and this gave me the incentive to do just that.  In the past I’ve had several different Math-O games (think math bingo) in there as well as FACEing Math pictures.


However, I think it would be easier on me and my sub if I used Math Minutes.


Then it wouldn’t matter which topics we’ve already covered and students would get a variety of practice.  Classroom management would be easy because all students should be quietly working on finishing the handout in the allotted time.  Students seem to be more focused when a timer is on.  Additionally, the directions are simple and there would be minimal direct instruction.  After the sub passes out the paper upside down to each student. the sub starts the timer and students have 3 minutes to complete the page.  The sub reviews the answers and then hands out the next sheet and repeats the process.

In addition to the Math Minute handouts, my folder includes my homeroom class list, fire drill instructions, and lock down instructions.  I have been fortunate that I have never had to use my emergency plan, but it is always better to be prepared.

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