Slope and Scavenger Hunts

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post.  However, the MTBos 2016 Initiative has gotten me inspired to get back into blogging.  I was also encouraged by Kate Novak’s blog to write about the basic stuff.  These types of posts appeal to me especially since I am more of a small projects type of teacher.

I like activities that have little preparation and get students out of their seats.  Scavenger hunts fit the bill on both counts.  The most recent scavenger hunt that I have done with my 8th grade pre-algebra class is Finding the Slope of Two Points on a Graph – Scavenger Hunt.  All I had to do was print off the cards, laminate them so I could use them again, hang them up around my classroom, and print a copy of the recording sheet for each student.

Sure, students could just count the number of spaces up/down and to the right/left to find the slope.  However, I told students that I wanted them to give me the two ordered pairs that corresponded with the points on the graph and then to find the slope by using the change in y over the change in x.

To help with organization, I printed off a 4 x 3 blank table on the back of the recording sheet so they had a spot to to complete each problem.  When students got stuck, they or I could easily go box by box to see where they made a mistake.

This year I bought enough clipboards for each student.  This has made a big difference in the neatness of their work.  Now, instead of students using the wall or several students trying to cram their papers on one small desk, students have their own work space.

What a great way to get students to do 12 problems while being able to move about the room!


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