Monthly Archives: September 2015

Putting together the INB

This will be the third year that I use an INB in my 7th grade math class.  I like that all of the notes are kept in one place and that it makes taking notes a bit more fun.  The one thing that I didn’t like last year was the amount of time needed to cut out the foldable and glue them in.  Students would take vast amounts of time to cut out the foldable and then use way to much glue so that the page was too wet to write on.  I was always reminding students to not be “gloppy gluers.”  Since I didn’t want to give up the INB, I decided I needed to find a way for students to do the cutting and glueing at home.  As a trial run, I made a few videos on YouTube for the first chapter for students to view.  These videos explained how to cut out the foldables and which page to glue each handout on.  I did not make one video for the entire chapter, but I split up the information into five short videos.  On the day the assignment is given, I hand them a packet of pages that are needed for that particular video. Here is the first video for that chapter.   I’m not keen on seeing myself in the videos, but it has allowed for more class time to spend on math.  Now if there was a way to get rid of the “gloppy gluers” …