Favorite Game


A favorite game for all of my students is the “Whiteboard Game”.  It is a game that I always use it the day before a test.  Teams are made upon the students in each row.  Every student gets a whiteboard, a dry-erase pen, and a paper towel.  I put a problem up on the board.  Students must work individually to solve the problem.  Students then raise their board so I can check the answers.  Once a board is up, the answer cannot be changed.  If everyone in the row gets the correct answer, the row gets a point.  The team with the most points at the end of class gets a piece of candy.  It’s amazing that students get very competitive, even though the prize is only a dum-dum lollipop.  I like it because I get to see if everyone is understanding the material.  It makes for a quick formative assessment.


3 thoughts on “Favorite Game

  1. I like how you made this a game by giving students a point if everyone in the row gets the correct answer. Do you let the students in the row work together or encourage them to check their answer with each other?

    1. I have the students work individually so that everyone does each problem. Otherwise, I know some students would let other students do all of the work. As each student puts his or her board up, I can quickly point out any mistakes (i.e. you forgot a negative or you added when you should have subtracted), or I can have a student redo the problem. At this point, students can and will help each other (not for points) to give instructions on how to do the problem.

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