Mission #5: Twitter Chatter, Subject Matter

Challenge #5 invited us to join a twitter chat and blog about the experience.  For the past two months, I have attended #msmathchat on Mondays at 9 pm and have thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue between fellow middle school math teachers.  As I have said in past blogs, I work at a small private middle school where I am the only 7th and 8th grade math teacher.  I realized that I desperately needed to converse with other math teachers about topics that we all are passionate about.

Last week was crazy!  It was hard to keep up with the news feed, and when I finally did participate I had another 15 or more tweets to view.  Sometimes it is hard to follow a specific conversation because there are at least half a dozen different conversations going on at the same time.  And I sometimes miss a few posts, which makes it even more confusing.  I just installed Tweetdeck after seeing several posts on that.  I hope that will help get rid of some of the chaos.

Even so, I look forward to the chats each week.  Come join us and you won’t be disappointed!


3 thoughts on “Mission #5: Twitter Chatter, Subject Matter

  1. Tweetdeck helps a lot by giving you a specific column to follow. I’m in your shoes with a small private school where I end up teaching 5 different subjects or levels a year. The archived chats might be a way for me to keep up with some professional development.

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