Mission #4: Listen and Learn

In mission #4 we were asked to attend the Global Math Autumn Special webinar or watch a previous recorded webinar and blog about our experience.  I have attended several Global Math webinars before the Autumn Special webinar.  Additionally, I watched the Interactive Notebook Ideas by the Global Math Department.  They do take up an hour of precious time, but they are well worth it if they deal with a topic that I can use in my classroom.  Yes, you have to deal with technical difficulties with slides not working or sound that is not properly adjusted, but that is true life.  My students have to deal with my shortcomings and forgetfulness at times.  My lessons don’t always go smoothly.  There are always a few glitches that students must tolerate.  

I like being the student to see how another teacher approaches a topic and works through a lesson.  It’s not the same as reading a blog.  You get to experience it first-hand.  Since I’m still new to this, I have a bit of difficulty listening to the presenter and reading the comments that are scrolling on the side.  

I will continue to attend the Global Math Department webinars when the topic appeals to me and I encourage other teachers to do the same.  


2 thoughts on “Mission #4: Listen and Learn

  1. That’s actually a really good point, about “being the student”. Makes me think that it’s good to step into those shoes every so often, trying to have someone explain something to me. Possible empathy and all. The other nice thing about the experience is that you get inflections and things that don’t tend to come across in text. Nice that this wasn’t your time attending, hope it continues to fit into your schedule!

  2. I’m glad to hear you find #globalmath useful – I love seeing how other people approach some of the same things. I know what you mean about the chat window – when I host it’s a mega challenge to keep track of everything!

    Thanks for sharing your experience!



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