Mission #2: Thoughts about Twitter

Overwhelming and confusing are two words that come to mind when I think of Twitter.

I got a Twitter account in August to be able to participate in a twitter book chat and I have since used it for #msmathchat.  I love being part of the twitter chats because I get to “talk” to other math teachers who are passionate about math.  Since I am the only 7th and 8th grade math teacher in my school, I miss the ability to collaborate with other teachers on lesson plans and activities.  Twitter chats and the math blogosphere has made a BIG difference in my classes!

Beyond the twitter chats, I find the whole Twitter thing to be time consuming and overwhelming.  I do not have an iphone so I have to use my computer.  I am already on my computer so much for school that I don’t feel I want to use up more time for Twitter. Also, I do not feel comfortable about introducing myself to strangers.  That is definitely not me!

However, I am not going to disregard it yet.  I will continue to participate in #momathchat and #msmathchat and see where it leads.


3 thoughts on “Mission #2: Thoughts about Twitter

  1. I signed up for Twitter a few years ago and just used it to get news. I started reading Dan Meyer blog posts and saw how much I could get out of it as an educator. I used Twitter for a few years before I ever took part in a chat. Funny that it was one of the first things you ever did.

  2. I totally feel overwhelmed too. I think there’s so much stuff out there and I just get so excited to try something. Or I forget about a really good tweet or blog or other resource. It is handy to have twitter on a mobile device. (Sure makes road trips a little more bearable.)

  3. It is very overwhelming, still not quite sure how to do everything, but even if it is for the few things you mentioned here, it seems to be worth the effort! It would be rough to not be able to collaborate with others. My math department has 18 people, so I couldn’t imagine not having that support around me every day!

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